Top 10 most popular shops to buy weed in South Africa

Top 10 most popular shops to buy weed from in South AfricaTRENDING 

South Africa’s laws on smoking weed are as follows:

  • In September 2018 the Constitutional court ruled that the use of cannabis, smoking weed, marijuana or dagga is not a criminal offence and that any adult citizen found with it for personal-use and consumption will not be arrested.
  • Since September 2018 South Africans have been smoking weed in the comfort of their own homes or in a secure location away from kids under the age of 18 years old.
  • The South African parliament and government has been given 730 days in order to bring the new law surrounding the personal-use of cannabis in line with laws of S.A.
  • Adults using or growing weed, dagga, ganja, marijuana and cannabis is legal in South Africa since September 2018

What you need to know about CBD Cannabidiol in South Africa and around the world

    • Cbd is an oil type substance
    • It is commonly used to treat migraines, pains, anxiety, stress, epilepsy, muscle pains, insomnia, arthritis, and menstrual cramps
    • Eating and consuming cannabidiol can be seen as a nutritional supplement, medical cure and a healthy way of living
    • The effects of cbd are known to be calming and contain anti-inflammatory properties, also cannabidiol is said to contain a number of vitamins which are great for your health
    • WHO (World Health Organisation) has confirmed that their are no known risks associated with Cannabidiol or CBD and that it safe to consume and eat. They also said that their have been zero cases related to people getting addicted or abusing Cannabidiol.

Top 10 most popular shops to buy CBD, cannabis and accessories from in Cape Town, Joburg, Durban – South Africa

  1. Name of business: Good Leaf
    Address of GoodLeaf: Tiny Empire, 37 Buitenkant Street, Zonnebloem
    Website of GoodLeaf:
  2. Name of business: Zootly
    Address of Zootly: 7 Ravenscraig Road, the Mason’s Press, Unit 1
    Website of Zootly:
  3. Name of business: Coco’s Bites 420 Café 
    Address of Cafe 420: Randburg, Johannesburg
    Website of Cafe 420: Cafe 420 Joburg
  4. Name of business: Superb CBD
    Address of Superbcbd: Centurion, Johannesburg
    Website of Superbcbd:
  5. Name of business: 420 Monkeys
    Address of 420 Monkeys: Western Cape, South Africa
    Website of 420 Monkeys:
  6. Name of business: CBD Store
    Address of cbdstore: Western Cape, South Africa
    Website of cbdstore:
  7. Name of business: African Pure
    Address of Africanpure: Western Cape, South Africa
    Website of Africanpure:
  8. Name of business: Elixinol South Africa
    Address of elixinol: Western Cape, South Africa
    Website of elixinol:
  9. Name of business: Hemporium
    Address of hemporium: South Africa
    Website of hemporium:
  10. Name of business: Faithful to nature
    Address of Faithful to nature: South Africa
    Website of Faithful to nature:

* Important Note & Disclaimer: This article only provides a knowledge-base and gives direction to places highly recommended by people online. We are not saying that it is legal to buy cannabis, marijuana or weed in South Africa. Please contact your local authorities to ask for a list of weed infused products that are legal to buy and purchase online, or evens face-to-face and in store.